A Change In Our County Politics

A Change In Our County Politics


I don't want to get all partisan on you, because local politics shouldn't be that way.  But something happened recently in our county that I can't seem to shake off. The leadership of our county Republican party brought twice-removed Alabama Judge Roy Moore to Severna Park, honored him, and raised money for his Senate campaign.

The host was Michael Peroutka, a man who actively participated in the League of the South, the secessionist organization that helped lead the violent protest this year in Charlottesville. County Executive Steve Schuh, my opponent in this race, attended the gathering and contributed $1,000 to Moore's campaign.

None of that should surprise us much. We knew the politics of these men and they were exercising their rights as citizens. The shocking development was the unanimous vote last Monday by the four-person Republican majority on our County Council to elect Michael Peroutka as its new chairman. 

I may be a white male myself, but I am part of a community. My community includes women, African-Americans, people of all faiths, people of all sexual orientations, and people from all national origins. When the Roy Moores and MIchael Peroutkas of the world come after people in my community, I fight back.

The other thing that bothers me is the destructive attitude of Peroutka and company toward government. I understand the frustration with bureaucracy, and I share it, but local government is ours. We can't let a radical political philosophy undermine and dismantle our county government services.  Teachers, firefighters, and police officers shouldn't suffer just because busting their unions is a badge of honor for a politician. And developers shouldn't become our county planners just because they are happy to do it for free. 

November 2018 can't come soon enough. If Alabama can reject Roy Moore, Anne Arundel County can elect the good people who are stepping up to replace his allies here. We can do this.


My own race is facing a challenge, and I need your help. I am an outsider. This is a $1 million race. The regular political donors don't know me. They want evidence that I am a serious candidate before they write checks. They need to see that $100,000 was raised when the campaign finance report for the period ending January 10 goes public.

ANY MONEY YOU MIGHT EVER INVEST IN THIS CAMPAIGN SHOULD GET TO FRIENDS OF STEUART PITTMAN ASAP. We are looking for a group of major contributors to invest $5,000 each, whether they write a single check or collect if from others. But we also need a solid showing of small and medium-sized donors. Please do what you can. 

To contribute, either with a check in the mail or through Paypal or credit card, please...



Posted on 17 Dec 2017, 12:25 - Category: Campaign News

By Authority of Friends of Steuart Pittman, VIrginia Clagett Treasurer
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