Strong First Fundraising Report for Pittman Campaign

Strong First Fundraising Report for Pittman Campaign

The Democratic challenger to Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh announced today that his campaign met its goal of raising $100,000 by yesterday’s close of the reporting period. Active fundraising for the campaign began less than four weeks ago with a 300-person campaign launch at Pittman’s farm in Davidsonville, and today’s total represents over 250 donations.

“The first month of our campaign has inspired all of us. Three hundred supporters got us started in a cold barn in mid-December, and now 250 donors are sending a very strong signal that we are not happy with the direction our county leadership has taken us. This is not development interests buying influence. It is citizens, many of whom have never donated to a political campaign, saying that we want to be heard.”

Steuart Pittman has never run for office and thought he never would. He is a rare mix of farmer and community organizer whose family has called the county home for eight generations.

“In my world, it’s the people who live here and the land we will pass on to future generations that matter. When given the choice between lowering costs for developers and investing in schools, police, fire, and transportation, developers won’t come first. Communities will. I think that’s what’s been missing at the Arundel Center, and that’s why our campaign will exceed all expectations.”

Anne Arundel County is being closely watched by political analysts. The County Council is chaired by Michael Peroutka, a Republican who served on the board of the secessionist League of the South. County Executive Steve Schuh is a graduate of Peroutka’s  Institute on the Constitution and is a contributor to Roy Moore’s campaign for the United States Senate. Steuart Pittman is one of a large contingent of energized candidates who have filed in local elections to take government back from these far-right influences. Like Pittman, most of these candidates are new faces on the political scene.

For more information on the Pittman campaign go to, Pittman For County Executive on Facebook, and Steuart Pittman on Twitter.

Added January 12

After hearing news that incumbent Steve Schuh had reported $1 million on hand in his campaign fund, Anne Arundel Community College pollster and politics professor Dan Nataf told the Capital, "The county executive race will likely come down to spirit over spending."

See Capital Article here.

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