Teachers Association Endorses Pittman for Anne Arundel County Executive

Teachers Association Endorses Pittman for Anne Arundel County Executive

Steuart Pittman is proud to announce that the Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County (TAAAC) has endorsed him for Anne Arundel County executive. The Teachers Association represents the more than 6,000 educators in the Anne Arundel County Public School system.

February 14, 2018

Rhonda Ellis, Communications Director
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Scott Travers, Campaign Manager
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“Our campaign is about the future of this county, and that future is in the hands of our teachers,” says Steuart Pittman, Democratic candidate for Anne Arundel County executive. “It’s time to stop putting teacher compensation on the back burner of politics. Neighboring counties have become magnets for good teachers who want better pay, and that hurts our children and their education.  An aggressive growth agenda under the current county administration has expanded our student population and left us with 400 fewer teachers than we need. That’s why some class sizes are as much as 30 percent higher than recommended levels.

“I’m thrilled that TAAAC has chosen to endorse my candidacy for Anne Arundel County executive,” says Pittman. “I look forward to campaigning alongside the teachers who will educate my twin boys, and then making a fresh start in 2019. With a new school board, a new county council, and a new county executive, we will restore the reputation of Anne Arundel County as a great district for teachers to work in.”

“We are excited that a candidate like Steuart Pittman stepped forward,” says Richard Brenfer, president of TAAAC. “His community approach to governing fits perfectly into TAAAC’s vision of Empowered Educators, Successful Students and Connected Communities.  With Steuart Pittman as an advocate for education, we will be one step closer to keeping the Anne Arundel Promise to provide a Great Public School for Every Child through responsible spending that meets the needs of our 21stcentury school system.”  h

Steuart Pittman is a non-profit executive, farm business owner, and nationally-recognized community leader and organizer who lives in Davidsonville with his wife, Erin, and twin boys Sam and Andy. He is running for Anne Arundel County executive to end the developer-funded politics that fuel fiscally irresponsible growth in our county. By implementing and enforcing a community-driven approach to planning, Pittman will transfer resources from development incentives to education, public safety and environmental protection. His campaign slogan reflects his life’s work: “Putting Communities First.”

By Authority Friends of Steuart Pittman, Virginia Clagett Treasurer
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By Authority of Friends of Steuart Pittman, VIrginia Clagett Treasurer
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